Buses, tracks, cars, motorickshaws and motorcycles by continious flow had been bringing people to the service during three hours. Every minute hundreeds of people were entering Jesus Festival venue through different gates.

Police and ushers-volunteers directed people and seated them from the first row to the back. When all seats at the center of the field were taken, people were located at sides at every empty spot of the field. When these spots were taken as well, people were directed to the huge territory at the back side of the field where they still could find a place. Additional screens and sound equipment were set on the field so that anyone could hear and see what is going on the platform from any spot of the field.

Every day the number of the people visited almost doubled and at the closing day of Jesus Festival more than 130 thousand of people were present at the service. Praise God! People joyfully praised God and everyone expected his own miracle from Him.

This day the Festival was visited by high-ranked officials and also by popular actor of the Bollywood, the worldwide known Indian center of movie industry. Seriously ill top- ranking official believed, that he can receive healing from God by the prayer of Pastor Henry Madava. Similarly to Nicodimus he came to the service. His wife and security guards with machine guns came together with him.

Pastor Henry thanked and represented to people local commettee of pastors and ministers, who participated in arranging this large-scale event. These people worked several months priour to event to obtain almost thirty permissions, to arrange platform, sound, light, self-contained generators, to set trailers and tents, to print books, application forms and badges, to prepare the field, to organise advertisement, transportation, volunteers and security service.

Pastor Henry also expressed his gratitude to the international team of the Christ for All Cities Ministry, those people who have invested their time, finances, energy, to prepare and conduct Jesus Festival in India.

Tremendous preparatory work has been accomplished so that people of Mumbai city could hear the Word of God, obtain salvation, receive their miracle and join the Body of Christ.

The message of Pastor Henry Madava to the audience was simple and clear, but at the same time filled with God`s wisdom and power. Examples both from the Bible and from everyday life experience used by Pastor touched the hearts of many people as they emotionally responded to the preaching.

People gladly responded to the altar call and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. This day there was a great number of people who visited such service for the first time in their life. Tens of thousands of people prayed the prayer of repentance. That night spiritual, phisical and emotional changes happened in the lives of many people.

Pastor Henry prayed for the sick expecting even greater miracles. People all over the field prayed together with him, lifting their hands up to heaven and thanked God for their healing. Christ for All Cities team together with ministers from India laid their hands on the sick people walking through the aisles and rows.

There were so many people healed that we had to set up an additional post to check people at the back side of the field to allow as many people as possible to testify about their healing miracles. Those healed of similar diseases were brought to the platform by groups.

Thus God healed two ladies of tumors: one lady had her tumor removed from the neck, another had it removed from her abdominal regions. Some people had a severe pain in their legs, they could not walk freely and came to the service with effort and God healed them all.

A girl was paralyzed for 15 years but today God healed her and now she is able to walk by herself. Elderly woman could hardly hear for 20 years and after the prayer she can hear well. A demon possessed lady had been hearing different voices for several years. At the service she felt like the fire went through her body and afterwards she was free.

Young man had been suffering from depression, he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t do anything. During the prayer he received freedom and joy. At the second service a man received healing of haemorrhoids and on the third day he testified about it. A man who had problems in urology was completely healed, the pain and the blood while urination has discontinued.

A woman who had cancer felt a fire inside and the pain completely gone. A girl had problems with skin and spots on her hands. During the prayer she felt like someone took her by the hand and her hands were cleansed.

God has removed also headaches, stomachaches and pain in the back. Many people were delivered from demonic oppression caused by witchcraft and magic which are widely spread in this region.

It was truly the triumph of Jesus Christ over the power of darkness. The light of God`s love, forgiveness, healing and freedom filled the hearts of many Hindus. Pastors of local churches received anointing, encouragement for their ministry as well as great number of the new converted people to their churches. Believers from various churches have received the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit and will bring it to their churches with boldness and confidence bringing more souls to the Kingdom of God in Mumbai and other cities of India.

We thank God for everything, give all our praise to Him alone and will always remember His great deeds and His grace and mercy He revealed!