After the first service, people have told about it to their families and friends, that`s why on the second day much more people arrived to the Festival. One hour before the service began busses start to arrive one by one, so police officers had to direct the crowds of people to the unoccupied gates. About third of all buses had to make several more trip to bring to the even all those hungry for God.

People came by various means of transport, for instance, ambulance car brought about 20 people both children and adults. Volunteers welcomed all attendees and seated them at the massive field.

Hindus praised God vividly and emotionally. Dance teams and singers from different churches praised the Lord with contemporary and national dances, expressing colour and riches of the Indian people.

In spite of the great multitude of people the service was well-coordinated and well-organized thanks to the great number of volunteers and police officers. On the roofs of neighbouring houses security service observatories were located. All attendees were checked with metal detector at each entry. The platform was surrounded by armed police.

Pastor Henry went to the sector of seriously ill people before he went to the platform to lay his hands on them and to pray for those on stretchers, in wheelchairs and with crutches, on the second day there were much more such people there..

Anointing was so strong that demons couldn’t stay there and they start to manifest themselves. Ushers brought such people from everywhere to the specific place. Ministers of Jesus Festival casted evil spirits out and those people were delivered. Those demonic manifestations were very violent, aggressive and inappropriate. Sometimes even four ushers could hardly hold the possessed person. Unclean spirits screamed viciously and snarled with unnatural disgusting voices. Demons shacked people, threw them on the ground and distorted the faces of the oppressed. After the deliverance people have repented and declared Jesus as their Lord. Malice disappeared from their faces, lacklustre eyes become clear, people returned to their conscience, they cried for joy and the piece of God filled their hearts.

Pastor Henry preached about the resurrection of the widow`s son and about the compassion of Jesus. He continued telling about the healing of a lame man near the Bethzatha pool. God Jesus is the Creator of that pool. Angel stirring the water up came from Jesus. So if you today just like that lame man have no one to put you in the pool you even don`t need it. Because the Creator of that pool, Jesus is close to you and he wants to heal you.

At the end of the sermon Pastor made an altar call making an invitation for people to entrust their hearts and lives to God by praying a very simple but at the same time the most powerful prayer – the prayer of repentance. People prayed sincerely and not restrained their tears and emotions, they prayed unto God, repented and invited Him to become their Lord and Savior. Afterwards they have received as a gift the book of Pastor Henry «Being repentant let’s lay foundation», which explains how to build Bible based Christian life.

Being moved by the desire to see revival in India, Pastor Henry prayed for anointing and the power of God in the lives of people and he invited to the platform all those touched by the Holy Spirit. There were so many such people and Pastor Henry prayed and he declared that their lives will be changed forever, that the freedom they have expected now comes into their lives. God is calling them to become ministers so that many other people get know salvation, love and the power of God through them. People fall down under the power of the Holy Spirit, they joyfully praised God and their faces were shining with joy and enthusiasm.

Under the anointing and the power of God Pastor Henry continued to pray for sick commanding those spirits of sickness and infirmities to leave those people. He asked people to put their hand on the sore spot and to put other hand up to God asking Him for healing with faith. Many of them called to their friends and relatives by cell phone, so that they could hear the prayer for healing and receive their miracle. Jesus Festival team along with local ministers put their hands on the sick declaring healing.

This day even more healings happened! People who couldn’t walk for years after the prayer could walk up the stairs to the platform without any assistance of anyone else. A wife brought her paralyzed husband to the Festival and as a result she not only enjoyed for his healing, but she was healed herself – the pain in her shoulder which tormented her for months now disappeared. A man brought his paralyzed friend, became a witness of his healing and God has delivered him as well from the constant stomach aches he experienced.

During the prayer for healing at the first day one man called by cell phone to his friend who couldn`t walk because of his sickness and that`s why he couldn`t come to the Festival. The sick man listened to the prayer by cell phone and then he stood up and began to walk. God healed him at the distance! That man came to the second service by himself and testified about his miracle. Large swelling on the man’s shoulder resolved during the prayer and the pain completely gone. Several women, one of which had surgical corset testified that their old problems with their backs are solved: the pain has left them, now they can bend, squat and walk freely. Some men and women who came to the service with crutches and canes were healed and now they don`t need it anymore!

There were so many people healed that there was not enough time to let everyone to testify about their healing miracles from the platform.

Our God is not only omnipotent and omnipresent, but He is also faithful and loving. There is nothing that God can not do. His words are not powerless, they are powerful and He always fulfills what He has promised. Praise be unto God for changed lives, healed bodies and saved souls!