Preparation for Jesus Festival has begun many months before. During that time 70 meetings with pastors of the Mumbai city were conducted and as a result about 2000 churches have agreed to participate in Jesus Festival.

About 700 thousand flyers were distributed by local churches, so that as many people as possible could hear about the Festival. 20 thousand posters and thousands of banners were pasted in the city. Information about Jesus Festival has been broadcasted on five TV channels and published in the newspapers. Invitations to the Festival were also posted in the city buses.

Various difficulties and obstacles emerged at all stages of the preparation to the Festival, but those difficulties were overcome thanks to the efforts and prayers of many peoples at different continents. We had to obtain 26 permissions to conduct the Festival.

Work on the grounds was in full swing – workers leveled the ground, set the platform, placed chairs, though the visa issue of Pastor Henry was not solved yet. Visa application had been submitted in advance, but the solution had been drugging on for months. During many days this issue had been prayed for both in Ukraine, India and other countries. Festival team has already arrived to complete preparation to this long-waited event, but visa was still not obtained by the President of Christ for All Cities International Ministry and Pastor Henry Madava. God has revealed his mercy once again and few days before the Festival visa has been obtained. Praise God!

Festival venue had been chosen very carefully. The grounds location allows many people to come to the Festival from different districts of the city and it can seat expected number of people.

After their arrival to Mumbai Ukrainian team has actively joined in the work of the Festival. Together with the committee of local ministers they do their best to arrange successful event.

It is only one day left till the beginning of Jesus Festival in Mumbai and we still need to complete a lot of work. We ask you to continue to pray, so that in spite of all difficulties and obstacles, long-expected Jesus Festival in Mumdai was successful, thousands people could be saved and so that God could reveal His glory.