The second Night of Miracles of Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchanthani, Thailand has come. Even more sick people were brought to the service; ushers seated them in special sector near the stage. At the beginning of service all praised God and thanked Him for miracles He performed on the First Day.

Afterwards Pastor Henry told people that “...And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” (Mathew 21:22) and he explained two important qualities of God.

First of all, God is loving God and He doesn’t want people to perish, but He wants them all to have eternal life. We all sinned and deserve death, but He gave His Only Begotten Son to death for our sins so that we could have the gift of eternal life.

Also God is compassionate God who sympathizes with our weaknesses, sicknesses and diseases and He wants to heal us. Pastor Henry explained that just like earthly fathers compassionate to their children, the same way our Heavenly Father is compassionate to His children.

The same way like it was on the first night, hundreds of people have repented in their sins before God and filled in application forms. Only for the first two hours of the service during Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchathani more than two thousand people received New Testament as a gift as well as the book of Pastor Henry Madava and CD “Being repentant let’s lay foundation”.

Afterwards Pastor Henry prayed for healing from the platform. At the same time pastors and ministers from Thailand, Laos and Ukraine laid their hands on the sick with faith in Jesus` name praying for their healing. This day God blessed us even greater number of miracles.

Many paralyzed people were healed and start to walk. One of them was lady, who nine years ago had a surgery on her back, she became paralyzed afterwards and for the last years she could barely walk, being supported by her umbrella.

There also were many people who had hearing problems. Young man of 17 years old was deaf from his birth; lady used a hearing aid, because she could barely hear; a lady of 82 years old almost couldn’t hear for the last several years; a man from Laos and another lady couldn’t hear on the right ear. God healed them al and they all began to hear

Many people came to the service having pain in their legs and they left the service being free from paid. A man had a pain in his knees for many years, so that he had to stop after every three steps to have a rest and always had to take medications. A lady fell down three year ago and her leg was hurting a lot. Another lady for several years could barely move because of the problem in her left leg. After the prayer these people began to walk and to bend their knees freely.

A lady was walking being bent for three years and now she can walk being slender. Another lady couldn’t open her mouth, she couldn’t even to brush her teeth and God healed her.

Nine years ago young man was injured by knife into his head; as a result the right side of his body was paralyzed. After the prayer he began to walk better. Young man went to monastery to become a monk and began to hear some voice afterwards that persuaded him into committing suicide. During the prayer the voice suddenly stopped and now that young man is free. After the car accident, which happened nine years ago, man couldn’t put his hands up and could barely walk. Now he can easily put his hands up and he can walk more freely.

Adult man was walking with the cane, but that night he was healed. Another man was healed on the first night, but there was no time to hear his testimony. He could barely walk before and now he joyfully walks with vigorous strides.

Thank you very much partners of Christ for All Cities International Ministry. Thanks to you, Jesus Festival now is going on in Ubon Ratchathani. The percentage of Christians in Thailand is so little that even if 10 people come to Jesus that makes a big difference in the whole province. But on Jesus Festivals hundreds of people come to God. Thank you for your faithfulness and for your investment in enlargement of the Kingdom of God. May God bless you!