The Christ for All Cities ministries and its president pastor Henry Madava have been repeatedly holding Jesus Festivals and conferences in Karachi (Pakistan) since 2003. After a five-year pause, another evangelistic event has been planned in the largest city of Pakistan. This will be the most massive evangelistic campaign, which has eagerly been expected by many believers in Pakistan and mission partners worldwide.

In unity and diligenceу

More than 100 churches of Karachi and surrounding villages united to participate in the preparation and conduct of the Jesus Festival. Believers happily joined the work on the preparation of the Festival. They have been working diligently to allow as many people as possible to attend the event. Within three months 50 meetings were organized in different parts of the city. Many people were invited to these meetings. They could see a video about the ministry of pastor Henry and Christ for All Cities mission, and they were invited to attend the Jesus Festival.


May the whole city hear the Good News

Hundreds of thousands of people in the bazaars, hospitals, offices and on the streets received invitations to the meetings of miracles. Tens of thousands of posters, which were posted in public places, are proclaiming the spiritual festivity to the city – Jesus Festival, in which God saves and heals the hungry. Three TV channels are informing about the event several times per day.

By God's grace the city authorities gave all the necessary permissions and decided to allocate double forces to provide security during the Festival. Recently, an explosion in one church in the northern Pakistan claimed dozens of lives of people, and every effort is made not to allow this to happen again. So, special attention is paid to safety.


A meeting with the Committee and representatives of the government

A few days before the Festival the pastoral committee of Karachi organized a reception featuring pastor Henry. High-ranking officials were invited, among whom were a member of parliament as well as heads of police of the city and province.

Pastor Henry welcomed the participants, thanked the committee and guests and noted that the first Jesus Festival in Karachi was held exactly 10 years ago. Then he encouraged the pastors:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16).

"God loved the world many years ago, but He continues to love and continues to give gifts to the world. You and I - we are God's gifts to the world, appointed to speak about God's love to the people. So, do not be distracted by minor and routine affairs and carry God's love all over Pakistan. Remove the barriers and speak about God's love outside your country as well. The things that God placed in you are more than enough to do everything that Pakistan needs."

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