We are grateful to every partner of the international ministry Christ for All Cities for your participation in the salvation of nations whom God entrusted to this mission. Thanks to you, dear partners, many people in Thailand will hear the Good News about the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and receive their healing given by the Lord. God has abundant blessings for all of you!

Event reviews

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    Concluding the Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

    In the evening the concluding service of the Jesus Festival took place in the stadium. On the third day there were almost two times as more people as on the second day.

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    Conference for pastors and leaders . The miracle is in your house

    On the second day the conference was attended in two times more ministers than on the first day. They listened the teaching of Pastor Henry, expecting to receive a revelation from the Lord. The first seminar of that day is called «The miracle is in your house».

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    Second service of Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchanthani, Thailand

    The second Night of Miracles of Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchanthani, Thailand has come. Even more sick people were brought to the service; ushers seated them in special sector near the stage. At the beginning of service all praised God and thanked Him for miracles He performed on the First Day.

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    The Lord gives favor to the prepared and they succeed

    Ministers from Ukraine, Moscow, and Bangkok arrived safely in the Thai city of Ubon Ratchathani by the grace of God, despite the storms and flight delays at the airports. The next morning they eagerly joined the preparatory work, which has already been started by the local churches. As many as 40 churches from Ubon have been involved in the Jesus Festival, which has been called “Evening of Wonders” in Thailand. For the first time in 10 years, the churches joined together to reach their fellow citizens with the Gospel.

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    Conference for pastors and leaders "Your Calling"

    On March 22, pastor Henry Madava held seminars for pastors and leaders. About 200 people were gathered in the conference room of the military command. We thank God for more than 40 ministers from communist Laos who could safely come to Thailand and take part in the Jesus Festival.

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    First service of Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

    The long-awaited time has come and Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchathani started solemnly. People from various regions of the province arrived to the event. Many of them found out about the Nights of Miracles from numerous advertisement posters placed all over the city.