On October 7 and 8, 2008 in Chernihiv International Mission "Christ for All Cities" together with VictoryChristian church of Chernihiv held Jesus mini-festival. Two weeks before mini-festival the team of ministers spoke to dwellers about Jesus directly on the streets. Four days before the Festival in the downtown near McDonald's the tent was installed. People came by themselves with interest and asked their questions.

Event reviews

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    Jesus mini-festival in Chernihiv, Ukraine – 2008

    People in the city were opened to the Good News,many accepted Jesus in the hearts, praying a prayer of repentance. There were so many people interested in prayer, that there were simply not enough free handsto lay hands on them; there were so many people who were hungry and ready to hear the Gospel. During the day, each person from evangelization team brought to Jesus Christ from three to fifty-two people. In total, two thousand one hundred and sixty people repented in the city streets.