Hundreds of Poltava citizens received Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Hundreds of believers affiliated with sixteen local congregations received into their hearts a fresh fire and desire to put more effort in serving God as members of their churches. The local pastors are very grateful to Pastor Henry for the Festival and the changes the city saw in its wake. Members of the outreach mission Christ for All Cities are full of resolve and enthusiasm to travel to all parts of the world and bring good news to other places in Ukraine and the areas outside it. And all praise be to our Lord for all He does!

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    Jesus Festival, Poltava (Ukraine), 2009

    Christian churches based in Poltava were gladdened by the opportunity to welcome Pastor Henry Madava and have services with him in their city. Sixteen church communities consented to involve themselves in the build up to and organisation of the Jesus Festival. Following this, over 150 members of different congregations spent two weeks sharing good news, praying for people and inviting them to the Festival services. This street evangelism effort recorded more than 1,200 people repenting and leaving their addresses in prayer cards.