God accompanied the sermon with miracles and signs. There were so many healings that the service could hardly accommodate all the testimonies. After the healing prayer had been said, one could see people discard walking sticks and crutches. Many of the audience regained normal vision and a number of speech defects disappeared. Stiff joints were beginning to move and normal hearing was coming back. Being in raptures, people saw haematomas, indurations and growths dissolve. Many were crying for joy, praise and thanks being given to God.

Event reviews

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    Jesus Festival, Horlivka (Ukraine), October 15-16, 2010

    It was a fortnight before the start of the Jesus Festival when they began to do preparatory work. Apart from members of the outreach mission "Christ for all Cities" who came from Kyiv, the effort was joined by pastors and leaders of five churches based in Horlivka.